Step 2: Acceptance of Electronic Disclosures

Please read the following carefully and click on 'Accept' to continue or 'Decline' to stop the enrollment process.

Read Carefully and Print or Retain a Copy for Your Records

Introduction. As part of your use of FHB Online, you have chosen to receive periodic account statements sent to you electronically ("eStatements") for one or more of your First Hawaiian Bank accounts that are eligible to receive eStatements ("Eligible Accounts"). This Consent to Receive Electronic Disclosures informs you of your rights when you electronically receive legally required information and disclosures such as periodic account statements.

Consent. To receive eStatements for your Eligible Accounts, you must consent to First Hawaiian Bank ("FHB") providing you important information and disclosures electronically. If you do not consent to receiving disclosures electronically, you will not be able to receive eStatements. If you consent to receive disclosures and other important information in electronic format, you will receive the disclosures in electronic format as long as you are enrolled in FHB Online and receive eStatements. You provide your consent by clicking "Accept" below.

Scope of your consent. Your consent to receive electronic disclosures applies to disclosures required by federal and state law, including (i) the terms and conditions of receiving eStatements; (ii) monthly account statements for the Eligible Accounts you select; (iii) notices of changes to disclosures previously provided; (iv) disclosures about the Eligible Accounts for which you receive eStatements, which may include notices of increases in account fees or charges, or changes to the rules and regulations that govern the Eligible Account; and (v) FHB's responses to any of your questions about your FHB accounts.

Terminating your consent. If you withdraw your consent to receive disclosures electronically, this will terminate your ability to receive eStatements. You can stop receiving eStatements at any time by changing your statement preferences on the FHB Online service, or by writing to us at First Hawaiian Bank, FHB Online, P.O. Box 1959, Honolulu, HI, 96805-1959. (FHB also has the ability to terminate your receipt of eStatements, as described in the Amendment of Terms and Conditions - Receiving Statements Electronically.)

Equipment requirements. To receive and retain information and disclosures in electronic format, you will need a computer and printer; a communications link (usually through a traditional or cellular telephone service provider or a cable connection and a modem or other device for connecting your computer to the Internet); an Internet service provider; a browser that supports 128-bit encryption security; and an email address where disclosures can be sent in electronic format. Disclosures provided are intended to be viewed online with a computer monitor set at an 800 x 600 screen resolution and margins set at 0.50". In order to keep copies for your records, you will need to have access to a printer or have the ability to download information.

Paper copies of disclosures. You may request a written (non-electronic) copy of any disclosure provided to you electronically by writing to First Hawaiian Bank, FHB Online, P.O. Box 1959, Honolulu, HI 96805-1959. You can choose to receive monthly account statements electronically or by paper through the service. If you want to receive both paper and electronic statements for any account(s) other than credit card accounts, you can request this by contacting any FHB branch (there may be a fee for receiving both electronic and paper statements). The option of receiving both electronic and paper statements is not available for credit card accounts. You must choose either electronic or paper statements for credit card accounts.

Keep your email address current. Since FHB may respond to your inquiries electronically, please keep your email address current in FHB Online by going to "Settings" then "Profile" to update your email address information.

Clicking "accept". By clicking "Accept" below, you acknowledge (i) you have read and understand this consent, and (ii) you can access these disclosures in an electronic form.